Surrounding reality may empower us, replenish our energy, create the necessary mood, inspire to labor feats or romantic deeds.

To make your house such kind of space you need to answer the main question. Find out about the question and how to achieve the required result with its help in our traditional interview with Aida Aliyeva.



– Do you share an opinion that the interior is divided into male and female?
– There are more womanly and more manly interiors.  But it is rather not that ones are suited for women and others – for men. Because the issue here is not whom this interior has been embodied for, but what style it is performed in. This refers to feminine and masculine as definition of toughness and softness, tenderness and brutalism, there is no sexism about it. It’s just everyone chooses for themselves as some premises require more brutal interior, and for the others soft option suits better.

– Is there a certain character in the rooms for you?
– Off course! But I do not assess individual components, the overall environment is important. That is why in Arte Di Casa we sell not only the furniture, but all the accessories. And everything has different style. Because, after all, this is the only way to create an atmosphere, general impression of the interior. Definitely, I feel the character in the rooms, and all of this is created by the accessories, shades, and details.

– How can man make a room original?
– If you want a room to have a certain character, you need to understand what feelings you want to have in this room. I mean, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself: how do I want to feel in this room? Empowered or on the contrary, relaxed? Do I want to feel charged and motivated or feel comfortable as if the space envelops me? And, depending on the answer, choose the things that create that kind of atmosphere: fabrics, furniture, accessories, which will help to create a required character, produce the expected feeling.

– Which room in the house is your favorite? Why?
– It is quite difficult to answer this question as the answer depends on the mood. Sometimes it is a family room, when the whole family gathers and we, for example, watch movies. I like kitchen during evening tea-time and conversations.  I worship my bedroom after the busy day when I want to fence off to the whole world, recover and have some rest. I love my study when there is a lot of work.

I like every room depending on the demand, mood and need to do something at any given moment.  Therefore, I always ask myself prior to start any work on the interior: how do I want to feel in this room.

In the family room I want to feel free and happy, interacting with the children, so I make the room cozy. I need the study to be motivating – I make it so that it would inspire me to new horizons. And then, based on what I need on that given day, what my goals and mood are, I choose the favorite room for that day.

– What interior items are important for you? How do you choose them?
– I love trays. Because I like it when there is water everywhere around the house and I like when it is on the trays like islets. For example, I like to place the cosmetics on the trays in the bathroom, it looks neater. I put small cups with the appetizers on the trays. I think trays are one of those things in the interior that add to the style and orderliness.